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"To Live in The Hearts of Those Who Loved Us Is Not to Die"

Marilyn Brown found this tombstone inscription while searching the microfilm of Lexington, VA cemeteries. It is inscribed on the tombstone of William Henry BOLEY "Father" 1847-1903 & Sarah Jane BOLEY "Mother" 1854-1904.

This page is dedicated to those of us who are researching the BOLEY Family. Anyone who is interested is invited to submit information to this page. You are welcome to use the information on this page, but you are reminded to include the name of the person who submitted this data.
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Anthony Boley
1738 - 1820
Benjamin Boley
1823 -
Elijah Boley
1774 - 1814
Vincent Boley
- 1840
John Boley
1775 -
Presley Boley, Sr.
1760 -
Simon Boley(s) Misc. Boley Families not yet connected
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PLEASE NOTE: The Boley family repeated many of the first names within their families.
For example, there are 3 different Presley Boleys and you will find them on different Family Pages.
So, be sure to check all the families.

Miscellaneous Notes

Information supplied by De Revill

From Lynchburg VA Newspapers, Marriages & Deaths 1794 - 1836, Page 3 col. 3, 10 Jan 1831, Campbell County VA, there is a death announcement of a John W. BOLEY dying at his father's home. He died 24 Nov 1830.

There was a John BOLEY in the Lewis and Clark expedition and a John Bowley at the battle of Bunker Hill.

These are the earliest BOLEYs I have found in Northumberland County Virginia:

January 21, 1660 - Order Book 1652 to 1665 page 94 - William Presly gets 450 acres of land for the transportation of 9 persons, a William BOLEY is 1 of the 9. (In transcribing this event, one book will show his name spelled a Boles and another will spell it as BOLEY)

October 22, 1659 - Record Book 1658 to 1662 page 31 - Simon Bowley witnessed a will of Richard Budd. Mr Budd states that his Simon's service to him has been fully fulfilled.

January 29, 1662 - Record Book 1662 to 1666 page 96 - Simon Bowley buys land from Richard Fielding.

January 23 1667 - Record Book 1666 to 1670 page 42 - Simon Bowley sells land, his wife Mary is mentioned.

Northumberland County Record of Births, 1661-1810 show 9 Bowley births from 1691 to 1737 all to a Simon. ( I think that there may be 3 generations of Simon Bowleys here before the Bowleys begin to show up in Stafford, Fauquier, Spotsylvania, etc.)

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